Suwit Muay Thai business of Muay Thai camp for boxing in Thailand and internet marketing

Suwit Muay Thai business of Muay Thai camp for boxing in Thailand and internet marketing

Awareness for physical health has been growing ever steady, from meticulous diets to different fitness routines. However, some lovers of Thai boxing cannot connect with training camps or gyms of their choice. It is not for the unavailability of Muay camps, but lack of proper marketing.

Proper marketing strategy for your Thai boxing business will set your business apart, and in many cases, better than unnecessary upgrades to the gym facility. “Promotion drives a brand.”

Furthermore, as far as marketing your Muay Thai boxing business or any other is concerned, the internet (online marketing) has become a game-changer. There are plenty of useful, broader, and more flexible resources available to market your business like no other.

Here are strategies that can help you market your Muay Thai business online;

· Publish quality and relevant content 

Another name for publishing relevant content using specific keywords is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing or internet marketing. SEO allows your brand to rank higher amongst search results of similar keywords. The services your brand offer should be subsumed in the contents; an example is “Muay Thai camp is the best weight loss routine” “Muay Thai training in Thailand for weight loss”.

· Spend more time and resources on Social Media

One of the growing trends of this age is that you can’t seem to keep people of Social Media. There are several hundreds of millions of visits to different social media sites every day. And it makes social media a most viable and convenient platform to market your business.

Facebook; arguably the largest, and the most used SM app. Create a business page/profile and gather traffic to your sites.

Instagram; Do you have wonderful pictures or amazing videos of the things you offer? Then show potential customers through this Social media site.

Twitter; Make your business trend through intentional posts and influencing.

· Build a business website on internet

This should top the list of any venture into online marketing. There are many things building a website can do for your business, including monitoring traffic to your business.

A business website is not only a marketing strategy but an investment. Customers can get information about your business, and complete basic applications/inquiries online without much hassle.

Since a business website is an online address, anyone can see you from around the world

· Use Paid ad services

Paid ad services in online marketing are more cost-effective, with a wider reach compared to traditional means of paid adverts. Services like Google ads, Facebook ads, Pay-per-clicks, are growing in usage each day. These services push your brands to the “relevant” customers according to their online activities.

· Email marketing

Send your newsletters, information, promotion, felicitations, and other relevant messages to your customers via email. It is free. Also, encourage other users of your many services to register with their emails.

 It is the easiest and best way to reach customers and show them that you care about their health and fitness.


Marketing your Muay Thai boxing business online can yield the greatest push on your brand. And most of the strategies are free.  You can check at Suwit Muay Thai camp or muaythai-thailand because it is a Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand which use internet marketing to for customer.