Discover How SMS Campaigns Build Better Brand Loyalty

Discover How SMS Campaigns Build Better Brand Loyalty

These days, brand loyalty is stronger than ever. Worldwide, about 72% of consumers feel loyal to at least one brand, illustrating the power that marketing can have. While there are many ways to instill brand loyalty in customers, one of the easiest and most reliable is through text messaging.

Everything from SMS reminders to marketing campaigns can empower a business to engage with shoppers like never before. Here’s a breakdown of how SMS campaigns can help build brand loyalty and strengthen a company’s bottom line.

What Is an SMS Campaign?

An SMS campaign is a targeted outreach program in which a company uses text messages instead of other communication methods like email. Typically, to run one of these campaigns, you need an SMS gateway that allows messages to be automated and scheduled in advance. Additionally, an SMS API allows a business to incorporate texts into other programs, so employees don’t have to use smartphones to communicate with customers.

Campaigns can be used for a number of purposes. A business can utilize SMS reminders for abandoned shopping carts, new offers, or upcoming recurring orders. Many customers prefer to get reminders via text because they’re easier to access and read.

Texts can contain links to landing pages or offer codes for users to get discounts on their purchases. Many text campaigns are more engaging than emails because users are more likely to open a text; from there, they can simply click a link on their smartphone.

SMS campaigns can also enhance customer service. While live chat features are becoming more popular, customers want options when communicating with a company. A comprehensive SMS API allows a support team to reach out and discuss issues with individuals in real time. This option is preferable to opening a support ticket via email and leads to better customer satisfaction.

How Do SMS Campaigns Build Brand Loyalty?

Knowing how to utilize SMS technology is one thing, but how can you leverage it for stronger loyalty among your fans? Here are four ways SMS assists in fostering more effective engagement.

Better Brand Recognition

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, brand recognition is crucial for building steady growth. Even the world’s largest companies spend tons of money on advertising to keep their name at the top of everyone’s minds.

One way to achieve brand recognition is to utilize an omnichannel communication approach. By reaching out to customers on multiple platforms, you can reinforce your messaging so customers can recall your company later on.

Two-Way Communication Between Customers and Business

All too often, businesses treat marketing and advertising as a one-way street. However, customers should be able to reach out with comments, complaints, and compliments so you have a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. Text messaging is also useful for customer service calls because it incentivizes users to reach out.

Better Rewards and Incentives

Since most customers have their smartphones with them at all times, it’s much easier for them to sign up for a rewards program via text. You can also send reminders, offers, and discount codes via SMS messaging.

More Meaningful Interactions With Customers

These days, consumers want to do business with companies that value them as individuals, not merely sales on a spreadsheet. Text is automatically more personal than emails and other marketing channels, so users are more willing to engage with your messaging. Also, if you use conversational messaging, you’re apt to get better interactions, leading to more conversions.

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